Artist & Performer $teven Ra$pa

emcee$teven Ra$pa inhabits and projects his thoughts, words and identities-creating entirely new and interesting versions of himself and reality with the change of a hat. His beard is patented, his thoughts have thoughts of their own, and he has been known to wear whatever is within arm's reach to illustrate a point.

$teven Ra$pa is an accomplished artist, multimedia performer and master of ceremonies. His work has appeared in film, print and television internationally. The work on this site is an extension of his work as a visual & performance artist. It is being offered to you because you have expressed an interest in something unusual and potentially transcendent.

$teven's personas run the gamut from welcoming and fanciful to frightening and otherworldly. Some are appropriate in only certain social settings; others, anywhere at all. Many raise profound and compelling questions about human existence. The right one will help make your next event engaging and memorable.

$teven Ra$pa's costumes and personas are diverse, professional, and always utterly unique.